Global Capital acquires an equity interest in Knox Titanium Vault Company (Pty) Ltd

In August 2009, Global acquired an equity interest in Knox Titanium Vault Company (Pty) Ltd. Knox is a safe deposit rental business established to provide a state-of-the-art security installation to customers needing a means of storing their valuables.

Customers are provided with an upmarket, cost effective secure facility in which to store, view and access their most valuable possessions. Knox meets the highest international safety and security standards, while keeping the client experience pleasurable.

Knox endeavours to make the transaction convenient, safe and prestigious. Clients can go about their private business in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Knox is located at the Old United States Consulate building in Killarney. This site was strategically chosen because:

- It was built to withstand a two day tactical assault.
- Knox utilises the security as put in place by the United States Secret Service to protect its
- This security infrastructure is not available to any other safety deposit sites in South Africa.
- Central, safe, suburban area close to the M1 highway.
- Secure meeting rooms.

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