Global Capital Limited traces its' roots back to 1995 when it was set up as an Investment Banking and Private Equity firm within the SAFLIFE Group. Amongst Global's early activities, Motolink Limited was formed and listed then subsequently merged into Supergroup. Global Capital was also involved in the formation of the Capital Alliance Holdings Group consisting of Capital Alliance Life and Capital Alliance Bank. Capital Alliance Bank changed its name to Brait Merchant Bank (now Brait South Africa Limited) and was unbundled to the shareholders of Capital Alliance Holdings Limited.

Global Capital listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in May 1998 as an Investment Banking operation with its principle activities being investment asset management, securities trading, new listings, underwriting and placements. In order to further develop it's banking, securities trading and financial services' interests, Global Capital acquired Securities Investment Bank Limited (SIB), Stenham Gestinor Limited and Global Capital Securities (Pty) Limited. These were separately listed through a cash shell, Saflife Limited and renamed SIB Holdings Limited. Global Capital Limited later sold its assets (with the exception of Capital Alliance Holdings) to Investec Bank in exchange for shares. Global Capital Limited's resulting shareholding in Investec and Capital Alliance were then unbundled to its shareholders and its listing transferred to the cash shell sector of the JSE.

Following the unbundling, the Executive Management of Global Capital Limited namely Larry Nestadt, Gary Burg and Frank Boner formed Global Capital (Pty) Limited.

Being entrepreneurial by nature, Global is opportunistic and provides more than just money. Global acts as financial and business strategists, corporate advisors and confidants, giving support to the Investee company's management team. Occupying a position on the board, Global plays an active role in each of its investments providing the experience and unique network of contacts to help take the Investee company to the next stage of their development.

Crucial to Global's relationship is a culture fit. Each investment is viewed as a partnership and as such all parties involved must be comfortable and able to operate together. Specifically, Global looks for entrepreneurs who show extraordinary determination and passion for their vision; who possess drive and energy to realise their goals and people who have proven that they can make it happen. Global acts swiftly, avoiding common bureaucracy and maximises on first to market opportunities to ensure that no prospects are lost.

Global focuses on the Investment rather than the specific market sectors, investing in companies with strong management and proven track records; showing revenues in excess of R50 million and annual profits in excess of R10 million.